Bayz Manual

Bayz in R - the BayzR package

We have changed bayz to an R package (BayzR) and the first version is now available for download (see below). If you are new to Bayz in R have a look at the Quick start section to see some examples and features of using bayz in R.

Installing BayzR from compiled package (so far windows only)

Installing the following compiled package (windows only) seems to work well on Windows 10 and 11, but if it would give problems, revert to the option below to compile from source.

Bayz can then be run with the main function bayz().

Installing BayzR from source

See the github page with instructions.

Development version

If you are interested in co-developing and submitting changes in the source code, then clone our development repository It is not advised for regular users to use the development version as it may contain bugs or crash when we are in the middle of implementing some new feature.

Quick start guide

Have a look at the Quick start section to run a first dummy example in bayz and to get some examples of its features. Look for more details in the other sections.